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2008 Ephemeral. Fifteen minute animation. Directed by Tony Radevski and Jongsu Oh. Funded by the AFC.


2008  Olga's Granddaughters. Six minute drama. Directed by Mila Gisbert. Funded by Metro Screen.


2007  Fink! Feature Screened on Channel 9 (2008). Directed by Tim Boyle.


2006   Love My Way. series 2. Screened on Pay TV. Use of tracks from recording project The Modern Congress.


2005  In The Middle. Eleven minute drama Screened at Sydney Film Festival. Funded by the NSW FTO.

                                        Directed by Natalie Sutherland.


2005  The Edge Of The World. Feature released on DVD by Village Roadshow Video. Screened on Channel 9 (Jan 2008).

                                                            Directed by  Sean Jefford.


2003  My Way. TV theme. Screened on SBS. Theme music for a series of films by young directors.


2001  Boambee Return. Short drama Tropfest Finalist. Directed by Liz Crosby.

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